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 ◎   Love gathering, disaster donation, we are in action! (2023/8/21 15:55:24 )
 ◎   Armed police officers and soldiers to save the capital people in distress when the Kerui Group to help armed police officers and soldiers fight (2023/8/5 18:48:18 )
 ◎   Only 6 days after obtaining the production license, Yiyibielixue ® (Ebergestine α injection) was shipped in the first batch in the country (2023/6/22 8:40:38 )
 ◎   Yiyi Biology, a holding subsidiary of Eifan Pharmaceuticals, announced that Eilisol ® (Ebergstitin α injection) has been approved in China for the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia (2023/5/19 16:28:38 )
 ◎   On the news broadcast of the disruptive technology competition, the art of Shenzhou won the highest prize (2023/3/3 9:54:30 )
 ◎   The second phase of the production line will be put into operation to promote traditional Chinese medicine on the international stage (2023/2/8 10:26:04 )
 ◎   Practicing high-quality development, Tongrentang Health Pharmaceutical Jiangshan Company won the "Quality Award" (2023/2/3 12:42:58 )
 ◎   The spring walks the basic | Tongrentang Technology company Yizhuang branch full work full production guarantee supply (2023/1/26 8:00:59 )
 ◎   Taiyang Shukang is in action to protest the epidemic (2023/1/13 9:32:40 )
 ◎   More than 80 foreign journalists experience the new fashion of TCM (2022/10/16 14:07:57 )

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