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The second round of the 13th Beijing Business Service Industry Skills Competition for pharmaceutical commodity buyers and sellers (TCM dispensing staff) was successfully completed

        2023716It was jointly organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Beijing Women's Federation and Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League.Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association hosted the 13th Beijing Business Service industry Skills Competition forensics project pharmaceutical commodity purchase and sales staff (TCM dispensing staff) rematch successfully completed。The competition has been strongly supported by the participating enterprises, Beijing Experimental Vocational School, Beijing Xicheng District Qhuang Vocational Skills Training School。

Before the competition, the association specially invited industry experts with rich experience in the contest and engaged in relevant vocational skills education for many years to advance to the semi-final85The players conducted online pre-competition training and guidance, and explained the competition mode, competition rules, competition scope, competition process and other aspects of the rematch in detail。
Player record
 The rematch is conducted in accordance with the advanced standards of the municipal first-class vocational skills competition, and the contestants are assessed in two parts: theoretical knowledge and skill operation。The examination of theoretical knowledge is carried out in the form of examination papers, which contain several modules such as professional ethics, basic knowledge of proprietary Chinese medicine, safety service knowledge, laws and regulations, etc.Skill operation assessment adopts the method of combining the answer sheet and practical operation.The content covers the players' daily work of prescription review, decoction piece identification, bag adjustment and other skills。After a fierce fight, finally22One contestant made it to the final。
Through the competition,全面The players' professional knowledge and ability, business operation level, service concept and other aspects were assessed。It provides professional skills guidance for players, builds a platform for mutual exchange and exchange skills, so as to improve the professional ability of practitioners in the purchase and sale of medical commodities (TCM dispensing personnel), and better provide professional services for the safety of drug use for the masses of people。
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