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The municipal final of the 13th Business Service Skills Competition was successfully completed

      September 9, 2023,Co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Beijing Women's Federation and Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League;Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association hosted the 13th business service industry skills Competition pharmaceutical commodity sales staff (TCM dispensing staff) final,It was successfully completed in Changying Campus of Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School。

      Before the competition, the association invited industry experts with rich experience in the competition and engaged in relevant vocational skills education for many years to conduct online pre-competition training guidance for the 22 contestants who qualified for the final, and explained in detail the competition mode, competition rules, competition scope, competition process and other aspects of the final。
       This competition takes "Skills to improve service quality.,Labor creates a better life "as the theme,The association has carefully planned the event ,In order to comprehensively assess the professional knowledge of the contestants,The 22 contestants were assessed for their theoretical knowledge and skill operation,The theory examination is in the form of an answer paper,The content covers the professional ethics of TCM dispensing, laws and regulations, basic knowledge of proprietary Chinese medicine, etc,That's 30% of your grade,Skill operation is carried out in the form of hands-on practical operation,The operation content covers the players' daily work of prescription review, decoction tablet identification, clearing bucket, decoction tablet deployment, bag binding, medication replacement and other skills,That's 70% of the total。

       After seven hours of exciting competition,Liu Rong from Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd. won the championship,Guo Yue from Beijing Baitasi Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. won the second place;Liu Chao from Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd. won the third place.Cui Yeying of Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd. of China won the fourth place and Yu Kun the fifth place;Li Yanju from Beijing Baitasi Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. won the sixth place;Ma Mihu from Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd. of China won the seventh place, Ren Zhaoyun the eighth place, Zhang Xu the ninth place and Wang Xiaolong the tenth place。
       The players displayed their skills on the platform of the skills competition, exchanged ideas, improved their skills, and made continuous innovation and breakthroughs on the road of skill development。Under the guidance of the skills competition, the contestants adhere to the original intention, carry forward the originality, do the inheritors and promoters of professional skills, grow into shining skills talents, and contribute more to improving the service quality of Beijing's commercial service industry。

Photo of the finalists

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