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Forward the tips of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology on safety work during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday

 All relevant units:

       In order to earnestly implement the municipal Party committee and municipal government on the Mid-Autumn and National Day holiday safety work requirements, effectively do a good job during the festival safety work, resolutely prevent and curb accidents, and create a good safety atmosphere for people to celebrate the festival, the relevant matters are prompted as follows:

First, security risk warning


       In October, the city entered the golden period of autumn construction and production, construction enterprises are prone to "catch up with the construction period and ensure delivery", during and after the festival, the operation site is prone to supervision is not in place, safety awareness is lax, the implementation of operating procedures is not in place and other problems, and the risk of production safety accidents is greater。

       In October of the past three years, there were 23 industrial and mining trade fatalities in the city, accounting for 10 of the total number of the year.55%, height fall, collapse, object strike accidents。The city's production and business units should strictly implement the main responsibility for safety production, strengthen the safety management of high work, hot work and lifting operations, do a good job in safety education and training and hidden danger investigation and management, and prevent safety accidents。

Second, carry out self-inspection in key areas


       All relevant units should focus on key areas, continue to promote investigation and rectification, and consolidate safety responsibilities at all levels。Around the construction of hot work, electric bicycles, gas, color steel buildings and warehouses and other weak links, organize self-inspection and self-reform。

       One is for the construction of hot work,Urge the construction unit to implement the seven required actions of "fire approval, certificate, line reporting, fire separation, on-site care, pre-job training, and emergency treatment",Strengthen fire safety management of waterproofing projects,Promote the installation of video surveillance systems and independent smoke alarms in the re-construction areas of various renovation projects,Full time monitoring, dynamic inspection。

       Second, for electric bicycles, strict implementation of electric bicycle control measures;

       Third, for catering gas places, pay close attention to key links such as gas, fire and electricity management, safe evacuation and escape, fire fighting facilities and equipment, and strictly prevent unsafe behaviors in the use of gas;

       Fourth, for the warehouse, the focus is on preventing illegal construction of the warehouse fire operation, fire facilities and equipment damage and deactivation, blocking the occupation of "two channels", illegal storage of flammable and explosive dangerous goods, illegal private building and random connection of electrical lines, illegal office accommodation and other illegal behaviors, and standardize the storage of materials and products。

Third, strengthen duty and emergency response


       All relevant units should strictly implement the internal duty system, attach great importance to the safety control of overhaul, maintenance and construction operations during the holiday, timely discover and launch emergency response procedures, and ensure strict control, effective response, and safe holidays。


Beijing Bureau of Economy and Information Technology
September 26, 2023

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